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Women in Localization is planning an upcoming “Hot New Tools” event to take place June 25 in Silicon Valley and we invite you to join us!

Come and learn from the pros the latest “Hot New Tools” in Globalization and stay for casual networking prior to and following the panel – with wine and hors d’oeuvres!

Be sure to register HERE

Thank you Intuit for hosting our event.

See you there!

hot new tools event




Language at the core: Mega Trends in Globalization

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Please join Women in Localization for an inspiring discussion with a senior-level executive followed by fun industry networking sponsored by Eleks, on April 3 at 6 pm at LinkedIn headquarters in Mountain View!  


Paula Barbary Shannon

Paula Barbary Shannon, Chief Sales Officer at Lionbridge, will present a thought-provoking message entitled “Language at the core: Megatrends in Globalization”.  The discussion will cover Paula’s experience as an executive in the localization industry, the mega shift of Language as “an end” to a world with Language as “a means”, and a motivational call to action for the audience to pursue their own professional “evolution”.

Prior to joining Lionbridge in 1999, Paula was the Chief Marketing and Sales Officer for Alpnet, Inc., now SDL. She has more than 24 years of experience in the industry, including 10 years in senior roles with Berlitz International in California, Washington, D.C., and Canada.

Paula Shannon is fluent in English, French, and Dutch, and functional in German, Spanish, and Russian. Educated in Canada, Belgium and the US, she holds a B.A. in Russian and German with a minor in Linguistics from McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Paula is a Board Member at the non-profit organization Translators without Borders.

She has previously served on the Board of TAUS Data Association (TDA), several Montreal technology start-ups, and also the Board of the FTQ – Île de Montréal, the venture fund ‘arm’ of the FTQ development capital fund.



Event: Language at the core: Megatrends in Globalization

When: Thursday, April 3 2014

Time: 6-9PM (PST)

Where: Linkedin Headquaters – 2061 Stierlin Ct, Mountain View, CA


Women in Localization Board Team

About our SPONSOR – Eleks:

Software is Eleks’ core competence. Their extensive software development expertise comes in handy for software and games localization projects, where superior technical skills are needed. Eleks localization business unit was started in 2004 and has 180 team members now, with international presence in Ukraine, the UK and the US.

Go Global Or Go Home (4 Ways To Win) – Forbes Magazine by Anna Schlegel

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By Anna Schlegel, NetApp’s director of globalization strategy

So, you want to be a truly global organization? Making that a reality is a complex process—especially for companies that don’t have globalization expertise in their DNA quite yet.

It’s a discipline. And you can’t wing it. But if you can master this, you can own the world (or, at least, a piece of it!)


Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 9.00.30 PM


So, you want to be a truly global organization? Making that a reality is a complex process—especially for companies that don’t have globalization expertise in their DNA quite yet.

It’s a discipline. And you can’t wing it. But if you can master this, you can own the world (or, at least, a piece of it!) world-map--haveacookie--cc-by-sa

Succeeding outside your home country is a desire for all top companies. Wherever you call home—be it the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, or India—growth outside your own borders is completely different from growth inside.

Don’t underestimate how hard this is: Markets are volatile, and apparently “global” employees may not be plugged into the global realities. So how do you focus your teams towards the agility to hit hard in the countries that matter?

Let me share with you my four habits of successful global companies:

1. Have A Global Growth Model
You can’t execute on a plan until you have a plan.

Get your sales and strategy executives to carefully map out three types of countries:

  • Revenue generating
  • Sustaining
  • Opportunistic

Choose your own labels, but map countries into categories. For example:

  • Countries that will bring you the most revenue
  • Countries where you’ll use partners exclusively
  • Countries where you’ll only sell direct
  • Countries with a mixed model

The idea is to help your company rally around the biggest opportunities, and discover what to do for the rest.

Having a model—and communicating it—allows downstream teams to make investments and tradeoffs. Don’t let your teams guess.

2. Educate The Company On The Global Growth Model
Now that you have a plan, and leaders are clear and agree on a growth model, make it known.

Develop an education strategy around it. Start from the top and work your way down. Do it often, with leadership at the front setting a clear message of the importance of this strategy.

Companies that explain to their employees how to interpret country priorities have much higher chances of succeeding globally. Don’t keep it at the executive level. Don’t keep it just within sales: Let your Web teams know, let your paid-media teams know, let your engineers code for those countries.

Make it a rallying cry and focus, focus, focus. Make it an executive mandate.

I remember the day Eric Schmidt told a Google all-hands that everyone was going global. They had three months to launch several utilities and programs in a large set of languages. Go! No questions. Period.

Focus your budgets, realign your thinking, and make it happen. Accept no excuses.

To be number in one in your market, you need to invest, prioritize and be committed. What this needs is a response from each department to this rallying cry. Don’t let it just happen organically.

3. Create A Globalization Team
You have the plan, you have a strategy. Now build the team.

Once the model is known, there will be questions. Enabling, coaching and consulting will be needed, and roadmaps will need to come to fruition. The globalization team will help keep it all together and connect the dots.

The team should oversee internationalization and localization efforts. The team should understand cross-company roadmaps. They can also educate departments on what others are up to.

You don’t need a full-blown team if you’re new at this, but believe me: Without a globalization team, your strategy will fail.

Have the team report at the CEO-staff level once a quarter. They can report on how the strategy is progressing, how it’s being implemented across departments, and provide insight into what they’re seeing.

4. Introduce “Global” Into Your Hiring Strategy
The plan may be brilliant, the education superb, and your globalization team set up. But there’s one more ingredient—perhaps the most important of all: Hiring professionals who have “global” in their DNA.

This involves being able to put your “field glasses” on, or being able to pretend you are working in another country besides your own. This person can see how an idea or program will resonate and work in other countries.

Hire people across the company who’ve run global programs before. They should have actually been successful and impactful in more than one country.

Make globalization part of your interview process. Avoid giving someone a “global” role if they can’t prove it to you. Having Global in your title means you know how to deploy, think, strategize, localize and plan to be successful in the countries in your global strategy.

A multibillion dollar company can’t afford managers who don’t know how to make the proper investments outside of Headquarters.

The Bottom Line 
As a leader, your focus on consistency should be unwavering.

Just as you do in your home country, get under the skin of the international audience. Live and breathe what they demand. If you’re going to talk the talk, you’ve got to get into their shoes—and walk the walk.

How global are you? Weigh in with a comment below, and follow Anna N. Schlegel (Google+) @annapapallona (Twitter).



Women in Localization Board Members nominated for the Voices of Global Innovation Award by SDL/Fortune Magazine

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we are pleased to announced that two Women in Localization Board Members, Anna Schlegel and Luciana Vecchi, have been awarded the “Voices of Globalization” award by SDL/Fortune Magazine. You can learn more about the “Voices of Globalization” award here.

We are so very proud of Anna Schlegel and Luciana Vecchi for not only spreading the word on Globalization but most importantly, for sharing their knowledge on the crucial importance of Globalization for any company who wants to succeed in today Global World.

 Voices of Global Innovation




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1200-Member Globalization Professional Organization announces 2014 Board and plans  international Chapter expansion

San Francisco, CA – January 23, 2014 – Women in Localization (WL) (, the leading professional organization for women in the localization industry, recently welcomed their new Board for 2014, each of whom is returning to complete a two-year term appointment.

Silvia Avary-Silveira, co-founder of the organization, has been elected Chairwoman for 2014, assuming the reins from Anna N. Schlegel, another original founder, who will assume the position of Senior Advisor, continuing her writing and speaking engagements on behalf of the organization. Eva Klaudinyova, a third co- founder of WL, will concentrate on the group’s international Chapter development.

Other returning Board members include Luciana Vecchi, who will oversee the Women in Localization digital presence, as well as assist with the organization’s partnerships; Stephanie Gabriel, Liesl Leary, and Allison McDougall will continue to elevate the visibility of the organization through public relations, social media, and industry events; Katell Jentreau, in collaboration with Stephanie Gabriel, will spearhead Women in Localization events

“2013 served as a tremendous springboard for Women in Localization, as we experienced increased interest in the organization in the U.S. and beyond.  The fact that our membership grew by25% is a testament that our mission resonates with women in every country and across cultures,” said Silvia Avary-Silveira, Chairwoman.  “Together, the Board is excited to take the organization to the next level, both in terms mentoring opportunities as well as launching new international Chapters. ”

The first international Chapter of Women in Localization will be formed in Ireland, and plans are underway to introduce this in Q1.  Women in Localization is also fielding interest from members in the UK and China.

About Women in Localization

Women in Localization was founded in 2008 and is the leading professional organization for women in the localization industry.  Its charter is to promote professional development, networking, and continuous education among its rapidly-growing global membership. Started in the San Francisco Bay Area, Women in Localization is currently expanding its membership to include women across the globe, encouraging members to meet in local geographies. To learn more, visit or


Contact Info:

Allison McDougall

Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.



Meet Women in Localization Group At Localization World Conference

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SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Women in Localization, the leading professional organization for women in the localization industry, will be speaking and supporting its membership at Localization World Silicon Valley October 9-11th inSanta Clara, CA.

On Thursday , October 10thSilvia Avary-Silveira from NetApp and Eva Klaudinyova  from VMware, Inc., both Women in Localization Board Members and Founders, will be presenting with Regina Bustamante (Guidewire) on the growing need for companies to have a formal globalization strategy in order to help them capitalize on global growth opportunities and country readiness, evangelize best practices and ensure their companies implement globalization-friendly strategies and processes.

Anna Schlegel, Chairwoman and Founder of Women in Localization, has been collaborating with the organizers of Localization World and a group of peers in the industry to develop a conference program that appeals to everyone in the globalization industry regardless of role or years of industry experience.

“As a member of the Localization World conference planning committee, I am delighted to see Women in Localization members contribute to this key globalization industry event,” states Anna Schlegel, Women in Localization Founder.  “This year’s program is particularly strong, with tracks ranging from Global Business, to Translation Automation and Global Web.”

Women in Localization will also host an informal meeting over lunch for women to network, discuss issues related to women in localization, and meet the Board members. We encourage attendees to stop by our table and find out more about Women in Localization and how we can work together to increase our participation and influence in this rapidly developing industry.  Attendees  will receive a complimentary Bead for Life bracelet, which supports economic opportunities for women in Uganda.

About Women in Localization
Women in Localization was founded in 2008 and is the leading professional organization for women in the localization industry.  Its charter is to promote professional development, networking, and continuous education among its rapidly-growing global membership. Started in the San Francisco Bay Area, Women in Localization is currently expanding its membership to include women across the globe, encouraging members to meet in local geographies. To learn more, visit or and  #WomenInL10N

Contact Info:
Allison McDougall, Stephanie Gabriel, Liesl Leary
Women in Localization PR Team


SOURCE Women in Localization

Past Events


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Women in Localization invites you to a panel discussion on hands on cases where companies have successfully implemented Machine Translation.

Come and learn from the Pros!

* This event is reserved for female attendees only *

To Register:


WHEN: April 4th (6-9PM)

WHERE: Box Headquarters – 4440 El Camino Real, Los Altos, CA 94022


  • Youngmin Jeong – Sr Globalization Architecture Manager at NetApp
  • Olga Beregovaya – Vice President, Language Tools at Welocalize
  • Melissa Biggs – Sr Localization Manager at Informatica
  • Minette Norman – Sr Director, Localization Services at Autodesk
  • Alison Toon – Globalization Manager at HP


  • Mary Rosberg – Customer Success Manager at Cloudwords


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900-Member Globalization Professional Organization welcomes new Board and introduces
upcoming event

San Francisco, CA – March 06, 2013 – Women in Localization, the leading professional
organization for women in the localization industry, today announced their new Board
for 2013.

Anna N Schlegel, one of the original founders of Women in Localization, has been
appointed Chairwoman and will guide the overall mission of the organization.

Contributing in leadership roles will be Silvia Avary, co-founder of the organization, who
will focus on Membership expansion.

Eva Klaudinyova, co- founder of WIL, will concentrate on Continuing Education.

Luciana Vecchi is responsible for Mentorship programs and WL Online Presence.

Mary Rosberg and Katell Jentreau will be responsible for Events throughout
the year.

Stephanie Gabriel and Liesl Leary will spearhead Social Media.

Allison McDougall will drive Public Relations.

“Together, these women have more than 110 years’ of experience in localization and
global content strategy. Our Board represents companies on the client as well as the
agency side, and we each bring a different strength to Women in Localization,” said
Anna Schlegel, Chairwoman and Director of Globalization Strategy at NetApp. “I’m
excited to collaborate with this caliber of professional women, and together, serve the
broader membership, from the new industry professional to the most seasoned.”

The next Women in Localization meeting will take place Thursday, April 7 at
The meeting will feature an opportunity for networking and a panel discussion regarding
“Successful Machine Translation Case Studies.” More information about the meeting
can be found on our LinkedIn site (W.L. Women in Localization).

Past Events

WL Holiday Party: Celebration Around The World

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Dec 6, 2012 (Thu), 6:00pm to 9:00pm

NetApp – Sunnyvale, CA

1345 Corssman Ave, Bldg. 7

To Register:

Hi There,

Women in Localization would like to invite you to our Annual Holiday Party!

Following our tradition, this party has a theme as well.

In spirit of globalization, we would like you to share with us how holidays are celebrated around the world. Feel free to prepare a few pictures, bring something traditional for a little show-and-tell, or simply come with a story, a song, or a traditional blessing from your country.

Anybody can participate. We are hoping for a lively and fun time for all!

This event is for Women in Localization members only but feel free to invite other potential members who would like to come and meet us.

All participants will walk home with a small Christmas gift!In order to arrange the logistics correctly, it is very important that you RSVP by December 5th.

We are looking forward to meeting you and celebrating with you!

WL Board

Sponsored by SDL

Past Events

Rise of Women Leaders around the Globe – Networking

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To Register:

Event Name:
Rise of Women Leaders around the Globe
Event Goal:
The “Rise of Women Leaders around the Globe” event is hosted by the Women in Localization organization, in cooperation with TechWomen, an initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

The aim of this event is to provide a forum for women from different cultures and backgrounds to get to know each other, share lessons from their personal and professional experiences, discuss current and future market trends, brainstorm professional gaps and opportunities and ultimately, develop strong and enduring alliances and partnerships to address common challenges.

Our panelists will discuss topics such as their career paths, how their culture and language has impacted their professional lives, who they look to for inspiration, and more

The Women in Localization organization is honored to welcome the emerging women leaders from the Middle East and North Africa, participants of the 2012 TechWomen program, as well as their US-based cultural and professional mentors as guests of honor at this joint event.

Event Sponsor:
Adobe Systems & Cloudwords

About Women in Localization (WL):
WL focuses on helping women from all cultures and backgrounds to stay connected with each other to create a strong community as well as provide any additional tools and opportunities to ensure a successful career development. We aim to provide an open, collaborative and professional environment where women from around the globe can share expertise and experience crucial for their personal as well as professional advancement.


– Martha Geller, VP of Strategic Accounts,
– Courtney Westendorf, VP Marketing Digital Media, Intel
– Leslie Nakajima, Head of Global Communication, Mozilla

– Kris Bondi, and she’s the VP of Marketing, Cloudwords


September 27th – 6.30-9pm

Adobe Systems San Francisco
601 Townsend Street San Francisco, CA 94103

Contact at Adobe:
Luciana Vecchi, Product Manager Strategic Growth Markets