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Virginia Minhondo

Global Sound Bites Virginia is our newest Chapter Manager, she has just launched the Argentinian chapter last month. Reading about her and her entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring. Every time I read about a woman who has accomplished a lot and still managed to have a family, to be a mom and enjoy both her professional …
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Michele Carlson

Global Sound Bites I think that one day  someone will probe deep into the phenomenon that we call globalization. He or she will be stunned by its reach, its pervasiveness and its sophistication, and will want to understand how all this could be accomplished in a few decades. What will be uncovered will become a …
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Cecilia Maldonado

Global Sound Bites For our series showcasing our Chapter and Geo Managers, here comes Ceci Maldonado. Ceci is the Women in Localization Geo-Manager for the Americas and she supports all the Chapter managers and members located in North and South America. She has tirelessly worked to launch companies and build organizations and events in support …
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Stefania Russo

Global Sound Bites Today I want to introduce you Stefania Russo, the manager of our newest chapter: The Netherlands. A warm welcome to Stefania and to all the members of the Amsterdam chapter. Stefania is Global Content Manager for TNT/FedEx and she is a certified Scrum master. One of the fascinating aspects of these interviews …
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MoonJu Kim

Global Sound Bites MoonJu is the Manager of the Korean Chapter of WL and a graduate of the Middlebury Institute in Monterey. She launched the Korean Chapter just a few months ago and has already gathered enough members to organize and host her first event. Her June 29th event will focus on Technical Writing. We …
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Margarita Núñez

Global Sound Bites Margarita Núñez is our Chapter Manager in Dublin, Ireland. With a background in translation, art history, European Studies and digital marketing, she represents very well the multifaceted and versatile talent that I see in the Women in Localization group. While some women started a career in localization from a linguistics or translation …
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Jessica Rathke

Global Sound Bites For companies that want to be truly global, having their website in multiple languages is not enough. Optimizing the website for different geographies and languages is also very important, this is what we call “International SEO”. International SEO is defined as the process of optimizing a website so that search engines can identify the countries …
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Patricia Gomez

Global Sound Bites These are very exciting times for the localization industry. On the business front we are looking at several more years of growth and on the technical side we are living through an authentic paradigm shift. Even amidst the usual controversy about machines replacing human work, neural machine translation represents an incredibly exciting …
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Rachel Lord

The international exchange of goods and services has grown exponentially over the past decades despite ongoing low intensity wars, intermittent financial crisis and a major recession. The world has never been so tightly knit together in this phenomenon that we call globalization. While trade is the most visible and tangible part of globalization, all of …
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