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Women that Rock

Thinking Outside the Box

Hanna Kanabiajeuskaja is the Product Manager – Localization at Box. Hanna is a member Women in Localization and has been a presenter for Women in Localization’s Silicon Valley chapter events.  She will be a presenter at next week’s LocWorld35 in Silicon Valley. Her conference program, “Global by Design,” will be held on November 2nd, 1:30-2:15pm …
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Liesl Leary

Liesl Leary is the Board Member of Women in Localization (#womeninl10n) and now responsible for rebranding the organization. In the meantime, she is also a mother who has 4 children. Today, Liesl shares with us her passion about localization and magic to maintain work/life balance. Could you please introduce yourself? Sure! My name is Liesl Leary. …
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Appreciating our Founders and 2017 Mid-Year Progress

It’s the afternoon of July 4th – Independence Day in the United States – and many of you are enjoying bar-be-ques, special family time, and fireworks.  Along with all of that, I find myself reflecting on the founders of America’s original colonies, as well as the three founders of Women in Localization: Anna, Eva, and …
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The Catalan Chapter of Women in Localization – my reflections

Author: Maria Kania-Tasak As we are counting hours to ring in the new year, I wanted to reflect back on my year and a half tenure as a Chapter Manager of the Catalan unit of Women in Localization. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to open a Women in Localization chapter in Barcelona …
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How the Women in Localization Japan Chapter was launched

  My name is Yukako Ueda and I opened the first Japan Chapter of Women in Localization in March 2015.   Today, Miyuki Mori is our new Chapter Manager since the 1st of January. We are a group of 78 members which grew from 15 in one year! Here is how it all came together… …
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Post-panel interview with Teresa Marshall

Post-panel interview with Teresa Marshall, Localization Director at Salesforce, Women in Localization Board Member Has your experience in working both on the vendor and customer side helped you to be more understanding or has it made you actually more demanding in your current role?. Is it an advantage for womento start their careers at an …
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Post-panel interview with Lupe Gervás

Post-panel interview with Lupe Gervás, Language Team Manager – Localization, Netflix How would you describe your journey from journalism to localization? Can you still express and follow your journalistic passion in your current role? I started my career as a journalist working for a newspaper and TV. I really enjoyed managing the production of the …
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Post-panel interview with Mimi Hills

Post-panel interview with Mimi Hills, Software Localization Director @ VMWare When and how did you start being involved in localization and internationalization initiatives? Was it your planned career move or did it happen naturally? I would say that my career evolved towards localization. This evolution was triggered at Sun Microsystems when I worked on internationalization …
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Post-panel interview with Anna Schlegel

Post-panel interview with Anna Schlegel, Globalization DIRECTOR @NetApp , Women in Localization Co-Founder, and Executive Board Member. Hi Anna, most of your studies were related to language and linguistics field. However, when we leave academia and enter the business world, we frequently discover that there are many other skills and competences necessary to succeed. Tell us …
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