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The Elements of a Great Global Content Strategy



Women in Localization is pleased to partner with GALA to present a webinar describing all the aspects involved in a proper global enterprise content strategy. Localization is just one small part! A developed global content strategy includes taxonomy management, authoring approaches, a localization plan, fully-empowered search engines and more.

Consider the following: How do you make sure your navigation looks the same across an enterprise with hundreds of writers, sites, and offerings? How can you rally your company to offer just the right amount of content, in the right language, and at the right time?

Join us to gather perspectives on improving your global content strategy, hear our stories, and listen for our Magnificent 7 reference!


Anna N Schlegel

Anna N Schlegel is currently Sr. Director of Globalization and Information Engineering at NetApp Inc. Her professional background encompasses 20+ years of leading globalization, digital and tech pub teams at Cisco, VMware and Xerox. Anna is a native of Catalonia, and holds a Masters in German Philology from the University of Berlin and is fluent in 6 languages. Anna is a co-founder of Women in Localization and the Kenyan education foundation “Imagine Educating Everyone”. Anna is also part of the Executive Steering Committee of Women in Technology. Anna is based in the Bay Area in CA and is a co-founder of Women in Localization.

Liesl Leary

Liesl Leary is a Product Marketing Director, heading up marketing for SDL Americas Global Solutions Group. She is an active corporate philanthropist, raising money for causes that promote sustainable economic development. She lives in Boulder, CO with her 2 children, loves to ski, connect with others, and promote workplace diversity.