Start a Chapter

Don't have a chapter near you? Open one.

Follow the process outlined below to open a new chapter.

  1. Contact the Executive Director in charge of chapters and inform her about your interest in establishing a W.L. chapter in your country or region: Kristin (Hansen) Gutierrez, Review this whole guide (including the W.L. Charter) and prepare your questions.
  2. Schedule a call with Kristin to discuss the W.L. history and mission statement, the main requirements for opening a chapter, advice on how best to proceed, and your questions. Kristin can provide a conference bridge if necessary.
  3. Choose the Chapter Manager for your region or country who will take the ownership of the chapter opening process and act as the leader and main point of contact. This can be yourself or another designated person.
  4. Start working on the 10-step chapter-opening procedure (explained below).
  5. Once all 10 steps are completed, your chapter is now live – congratulations!

Firstly, let’s start reviewing the main prerequisites for chapter creation, which are outlined in the Women in Localization Charter Guidelines and Code of Ethics. Please review the whole Charter and prepare your questions for the call. Before a new chapter can be created, there are three main prerequisites:

  • 5 chapter leaders in place from different companies to fulfill the roles of Chapter Manager, Assistant Chapter Manager, Social Media Manager, Assistant One and Assistant
  • A minimum of 15 local members (in addition to the 5 members of the Chapter Management Team)
  • A list of activities you are planning for your year.

For more details, review the online Charter and the opening procedure below. Secondly, review the 10-step Chapter Launch Procedure.

Chapter Launch Procedure

  1. You: Create the list of members for your country including contact information (email). You need to find min 15 members in your region or country who would be interested in joining your chapter. Ideally, they should already be members or request membership in the main Women in Localization LinkedIn group. You can get interest through a mailing campaign, posting on the main LinkedIn group, networking event, etc.
  2. You: Designate the official manager of the chapter and 4 additional leaders. This can be yourself or any other WL member who is willing to serve as the first chapter manager and take care of the chapter creation and chapter activities during the first year.
  3. Chapter Manager: Create a draft plan of chapter activities for the year (minimum 4 activities, one can be just a networking event). Our advice is to start small, with a local networking event, to announce creation of the chapter, get interest, collect ideas for the chapter activities, spread the word, network and create valuable connections, then use that network to attract more members. The second event should be a professional event with a speaker or a panel. Securing locations and sponsorships will be discussed on the call.
  4. Kristin: Will create a subgroup in LinkedIn for your chapter. The Chapter Manager needs to connect with Kristin on LinkedIn so that she can add her as the LinkedIn subgroup Manager. The name of your subgroup will be WL XX – Women in Localization xxxx, where XX stands for country, region or city where your subgroup is located. The existing examples: WL IE – Women in Localization Ireland; WL PNW – Women in Localization Pacific Northwest.
  5. Chapter Manager: Will be designated as the LinkedIn subgroup manager who can then add existing members to the subgroup, or invite new members. Please note that in order to become a member of the subgroup on LinkedIn, everyone has to join the main Women in Localization LinkedIn group first.
  6. W.L. Board/Chapter Manager: The WL PR team will create a PR about your chapter creation. You can participate in this process if you wish, prepare the draft, or leave it up to the PR team.
  7. W.L. Board: Will create and approve announcement about the new chapter both on the main LinkedIn group as well as our website
  8. Kristin: Will get the sign-off from the Women in Localization Board for the creation of new chapter and PR launch.
  9. Kristin/WL Board/Chapter Manager: Do the blasts through email, main LinkedIn group, chapter subgroup, W.L. website, and PR channels.
  10. Kristin: Need to add the Chapter Manager as part of the monthly calls to support the Chapter Managers.

If you have reviewed the online Charter and the guidelines above, and prepared your questions, please contact Kristin to set up an introductory call. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Women in Localization
Kristin (Hansen) Gutierrez