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Localization Copy Editor (Simplified Chinese) Wanted (Shanghai)

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Job Summary

This is an amazing opportunity for the right linguist. Apple is searching for a Chinese linguist who will be responsible for localizing customer-facing and internal content for a variety of programs. We are not looking for a creative writer; rather, we’re looking for a creative linguist.

Key Qualifications

Must have extensive experience in translating, editing, reviewing, and localizing internal content and customer-facing content
Expertise in Apple products and services is a big plus. A passion for technology is required
Must possess experience working with a team of linguists, cross-functional teams and internal stakeholders
Must eventually take ownership of the localization quality for AppleCare content
Must have working knowledge of translation and project management tools such as WorldServer and bug tracking tools
Must have experience developing and maintaining style guides and glossaries
Must possess an MBA or MA degree in an area related to translation, interpretation, communications, English or Chinese; and 3 + years translation or localization experience. Ideal candidates will have previous translation, review and localization experience at a localization department in a global technology company or a localization/transcreation agency
Must be detail oriented; must have the ability to focus and prioritize in a fast-paced environment
Being a cultural fit to this team is critical to our collective success. Like your colleagues, you must enjoy building relationships, be an extremely strong team player, and view your colleagues as the potential source of the best answer
Must have native level skills in Simplified Chinese for mainland China and near native level of fluency in English
Must demonstrate excellent communication skills both in Mandarin and English
To meet with internal and external stakeholders, domestic and international travel will be required
Must have an excellent sense of humor
Bonus points if you can find the typo in this job description!

There are a variety of fascinating and challenging aspects of this job. Day-to-day, you will have the following responsibilities: -You will edit translated Chinese content to best suit the specific audience. The challenge is that you will need to remain 100% respectful of the English source when making the edits. -In order to determine the best possible language, you will need to know the details of both customers’ and internal stakeholders’ preferred usage. You will need to understand the nuances of a variety of Apple’s businesses — especially those pertaining to the wide area of customer support (AppleCare). -You will participate in terminology and terminology management discussions. -You will partner with linguists and stakeholders outside of AppleCare. -You will also partner with our LSPs and Localization Quality Management vendor and the teams who work with them. -Eventually, you will partner with/provide input to English-language content developers to help us create even better English source content. -You will work hard to patiently educate your Apple colleagues in China and elsewhere about localization. To summarize, you will be tasked with editing Chinese content. You will need to possess a deep understanding of why the edits are required; how the change impacts other content; and how to implement these changes in both terminology databases (TD), translation memories (TM), published content, and current projects. We believe successful candidates will have the following background and personal attributes: -You are a trained linguist who has also worked as a lead linguist, copy editor, writer, or journalist. -You enjoy collaboration. You understand that everyone has a point of view on “the best language to use”. You enjoy gathering all relevant opinions and working with multiple people and/or groups to determine the best outcome for our customers. -You value your own flexibility and the ability to change your mind. You have the confidence to patiently explain your viewpoint when it differs from the majority. -You are confidant that you can learn our TM/TD tools. You’ve worked with similar tools in the past. -You have expert level understanding of written English. Your own written English communication skills are also excellent. Your spoken English is very good, and your comprehension of spoken English is excellent to the point where phone meetings are not a challenge.

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