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Women in Localization and GALA Webinars


Intro to Product Internationalization—Who, What, and Why

6 OCTOBER, 2016

Join Women in Localization for a webinar describing the basics behind product internationalization (i18n). This talk is for those working on globalization and language from the client/buyer-side who do not have day-to-day experience with i18n, but wish to learn more.

The presentation gives participants a high-level understanding of i18n and the ability to explain its importance to others. Learn about the value i18n adds to a global organization, which staff members are typically involved, and what it takes to ensure a good handshake with a system that must integrate with globalization.


The Elements of a Great Global Content Strategy

9 JUNE, 2016

Women in Localization is pleased to partner with GALA to present a webinar describing all the aspects involved in a proper global enterprise content strategy. Localization is just one small part! A developed global content strategy includes taxonomy management, authoring approaches, a localization plan, fully-empowered search engines and more.

Consider the following: How do you make sure your navigation looks the same across an enterprise with hundreds of writers, sites, and offerings? How can you rally your company to offer just the right amount of content, in the right language, and at the right time?

Join us to gather perspectives on improving your global content strategy, hear our stories, and listen for our Magnificent 7 reference!


What is the right formula for successful buyer-supplier partnerships?

18 FEBRUARY, 2016

As buyers and suppliers of localization services, we strive to establish the right level of service under today's lean operating models. EMC, a global leader in IT, is deploying a model for mutually beneficial partnerships with its localization service providers. In this webinar Gwen Trystram and Annya Sedakova-Bertram from EMC’s Globalization Team focus on the value of capturing real-time quality results, the importance of service level agreements and the benefits of investing time in collaborative partnerships. Watch the webinar to learn more about the journey with our localization partners.


Extending your Localization Team with LSP Resources

29 OCTOBER, 2015

Many companies have localization requirements beyond the capacity of their internal teams, which often consist of just a single person. These lonely localizers are tasked with enormous responsibilities and have little to no budget for additional headcount or for keeping up with best-practices and industry trends. What they may not realize is that their partner LSPs can offer so much, like technical expertise, terminology, strategy, and a lot of experience gained from all the work they do with a multitude of clients. In this webinar, presented by two of the largest localization vendors in the industry, you will learn how to tap into your LSP’s resource pool and technologies and extend your localization team. Allison McDougall from Lionbridge and Liesl Leary from SDL, both Women in Localization Board Members, discuss secrets of working with LSPs (from both services and technology sides) that will ensure that you get ahead with your localization program.


Envisioning the Perfect Enterprise Globalization Team – From Strategy to ROI

8 OCTOBER, 2015

Enterprises in the Silicon Valley and other hot “incubator areas” compete fiercely for positioning, revenue, and being first to market. But penetrating global markets doesn’t happen overnight. The machinery needed to launch and sustain global growth includes executive commitment, site investment, strong HR policies, legal compliance, partnerships, joint ventures, and more. The one team that has a part in all of this is the globalization team. In this webinar, we’ll indulge our fantasies and describe what it would look like to have the ideal globalization team. It is comprised of the right professionals, it is highly functional, it is aligned with executives, and the team is full of morale and enthusiasm. It also turns out that it is not all about translation, or even strategy. Rather, it is about balance, alignment, and efficiency.


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