Partners and Sponsors

Common Sense Advisory

CSA Partnership, established in 2016

  • “Gender Equality” survey partner in 2017
  • Championing the gender survey results at LocWorld Silicon Valley and W.L. social channels


GALA Partnership, established in 2015

  • Session partners for GALA 2016; content partner for GALA 2017
  • 4 webinars through GALA webinar channel to date
  • Most Recent Webinar “Using GEO Alignment for Enterprise Globalization Planning”


LocWorld Partnership, established in 2017

  • LocWorld Barcelona Booth and Non-Profit Session Leader
  • LocWorld Silicon Valley Booth, Flyer, Banner, T-shirt, W.L. Japan Chapter Session
  • LocWorld Tokyo Book, Flyer, Banner, Japan Chapter session
  • LocWorld Warsaw Booth, Banner, T-shirt