Women in Localization


WLCO & WLAR: Localization: Behind the Scenes

June 24 @ 09:00 AM - 10:30 AM

We are pleased to announce the upcoming virtual panel discussion organized by Women in Localization Argentina and Colorado chapters.

In this engaging event, we will discuss localization basics, the essential roles and responsibilities of localization professionals, and the fascinating process of creating localized products.

As part of the panel discussion, you will be able to ask questions through interactive Q&A and get insights from the panelists passionate about their work.


Melisa Piccinetti, Senior Localization Program Manager at Eventbrite. (Linkedin)

Senior Localization Program Manager at Eventbrite where she has been working in Localization for the past 5 years. Loves teamwork and managing projects with different vendors and internal clients. Collaboration and good communication is the key to deliver successfully any project it's her mantra.

Natallia Casey, Operations Specialist at TuneIn. (LinkedIn)

Operations specialist at TuneIn with 9 years of localization experience helping the company adapt the product for the international markets. Natallia believes in the effectiveness of data-driven strategies when complying with the privacy and ethics regulations and the importance of good communication for decision-making. Her biggest passion is working with multilingual text data.

María José Alberto, CEO/COO at Insight Language Solutions (ILS). (Linkedin)

María José has been in the translation industry for 20 years and has played many roles, from being a freelancer to running her own translation agency, to co-founding and chairing the Argentine Association of Linguistic Services (AASL) where she promotes the translation and localization industry at local and international levels. María José is passionate about languages, and fostering the empowerment of women, and strongly believes in building something bigger than ourselves that can have an impact in our society.

Karen Tkaczyk, Director, Life Sciences Solutions, MasterWord. (Linkedin)

After an early career in the pharmaceutical industry and a long career as a highly specialized freelance translator, Karen has recently become Director of Life Sciences Solutions with MasterWord. Her primary focus will be growing that division. Karen believes that change is possible! But that she will never stop proofreading all the texts she reads.


Sara Medina, Client Solutions Manager and Arcadia co-founder. (Linkedin)

One of the 5 founding partners of Arcadia Translations, she has been in the translation and localization industry for almost two decades. She gained experience from the ground up, moving through most of the different positions within the industry. At the moment, Sara is a Client Solutions Manager and work closely with the Operations Managers.

On a more personal note, "I'm driven by the desire to create spaces where we can work and collaborate together, share ideas, and support each other."

    We are excited to meet with you soon! Make sure you're registered as a Women in Localization member. The link to the event will be sent out to the registered attendees in the reminder email.

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