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Balance for Better – International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day to the AWESOME women aroundIt’s time to embrace the women power and leaning in together! 

This is the year of “Balance for Better”. Excellence does not differentiate between genders rather it recognizes talent and taking it to the next level. In today’s times’ workplace gender equality can only be achieved where employees are able to get similar rewards, opportunities for similar roles, equal pay, equal recognition regardless of gender.  Each time you add a new employee to your team, you are bringing in a new perspective to the entire group. As much as globalization is important to take your business to the next level, gender balance is equally important to make your business thrive not only in terms of revenue but also for skilled employees. 

  • Gender Diversity: During my high school and college days, girls were in a severe minority while learning Math and Computer Science. I had no idea about what it means to even have gender diversity. It all started when the reality hit at the workplace being the only woman in the room.  I felt the roots of gender diversity needs to be deeply rooted in those classrooms to create a more collaborative and rewarding experience.
  • Diverse Workforce: Companies with diverse workforces are able to assess and evaluate the global and local consumer market much better than the ones with no or less diversity. Locals from a certain place can help in providing awareness around culture, marketplace and local talent. There is a deep connection between innovation and diversity and inclusion. Women in Localizationis one of those awesome organizations that has diversified members worldwide who bring in their collective intelligence every day to support women across the world. This organization has also been highly successful around their contributions towards building globalized and localized products to boost the economy of the world.
  • Opportunity of Localization:Having a diverse workforce under your belt creates an opportunity to create localized products that can be launched in this globalized economy, thus increasing customer footprint and revenue. The localized view of products helps us immerse the culture, language, actions and beliefs into the products. In today’s economy blending technology with humanity has become a must for impactful products. These teams make the business much better, entice your customers, clients and have the entire community to be with you. Cloud is the new venue for products to thrive. Having a localized view of the products in the Cloud so that various countries can leverage is a huge opportunity where a diversified workforce including gender diversity can take it to the next level.
  • Congenial and Innovative work environment:Everyone loves to work at a place where they and their skills are being valued and respected by their management and co-workers. People come from different backgrounds and bring in a lot of cultural values and learnings. Women in Localizationhas given me this platform to succeed. 
  •  Stronger and better communicationThis has been an ongoing battle around what are the ethics of communication for women vs. men. In my view, both genders should be allowed to express their ideas, needs, concerns in an open and a positive way. As much as communication is important, conflict resolution is equally important. Data has proven that men tend to command physical presence and always are cognizant of their authority and power. They tend to be direct and sometimes it comes across blunt and overconfident. Likewise, women tend to display empathy, being emotional, skillful at reading body language and possess good listening skills.

Being a woman, I would say Be Assertive and don’t let emotions drag you down. Stay standing and speak up for yourself so that everyone understands how you need to be treated.  

 “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.” –Henry Ford. Balance for Better will definitely lead to success in personal and professional lives.