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W.L. UK Event - Who wants to be a vendor manager?

January 20 @ 18:00 PM - 20:00 PM

Welcome to Who wants to be a vendor manager? ‒ a game where everyone is a winner!

What does a vendor manager really do? What is a community manager? What are a resources manager’s duties? What challenges do they face on a regular basis?

And do YOU have what it takes to be a vendor manager?

Join Women in Localization United Kingdom for an interactive evening of fun on 20 January 2022, 18:00 (GMT) and learn all about the fascinating and sometimes challenging world of vendor management.

Take your seat in the audience and prepare your voting pads as our speakers present real-life vendor manager dilemmas, and find out what they have to say about those tricky vendor management situations.

Our game show host, Carmen Cisneros (Resources Manager at Akorbi) will be joined by four experts in vendor management: Jennifer Vela Valido (Localization Vendor Manager at Expedia), Giada Gerotto (Localization Community Manager at Creative Words), Maja Bednarek (Quality and Vendor Manager at Vista) and last but certainly not least, Sandrine Elkmann (Senior Vendor Manager at Worldtranslation).

Agenda for the event:

1) Introducing Women in Localization by Karen Gammarota, W. L. UK Chapter Manager

2) Fun questions and a panel discussion about all things vendor management

3) Informal networking

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Women in Localization United Kingdom