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WLGC: Beyond Due Diligence - Coaching for Mergers and Acquisitions

June 28 @ 16:00 PM - 17:30 PM

This webinar is intended for anyone directly or indirectly involved in or considering M&A activity, be it a buyer, a seller or an individual

There is so much unexplored territory hidden in the M&A jungle that to this day continues to remain untouched, yet is so vital to the success of the process. Not from a monetary perspective. This is covered ad nauseum in the “due dil” that ensues when interest is communicated by the buyer and the seller. But rather from a personal and cultural perspective. Too often, we allow external influences to drive our decision to buy or sell. Too often the necessity to act may leave you feeling as if you have no choice. But is that always the case? And if so, is this chance the right chance for you personally, and for your company culturally?

? Date: 28 June 2022

Time: 4-5.30 pm BST (London)

? Location: Online

Sponsor: TBD

Oxford defines due diligence as “A comprehensive appraisal of a business undertaken by a prospective buyer, especially to establish its assets and liabilities and evaluate its commercial potential.”

Due Diligence for the Soul takes the concept of “appraisal” and applies it to personal values, ideas, goals and even fears to look beyond the commercial potential to see the potential for long-term personal satisfaction and fulfilment post-acquisition.


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This event will be hosted and moderated by the Education and Coaching team within Global Community of Women in Localization.


Kimberley Harris is an ICF-accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC) who supports her clients on their journey to understanding who they truly are and who they want to be, creating powerful mindset shifts that impact their lives and help them focus on the path to their next destination.

As a successful businesswoman who successfully sold her localization business in 2019, Kim understands the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur and has, through her own personal experience, gathered significant insight into the workings of the M&A process. She specializes in mindset coaching for leaders, corporate team coaching, and one-of-a-kind M&A coaching for both corporate buyers and business owners who are considering or in the process of M&A activity.

Kim calls her M&A coaching Due Diligence for the Soul. Combined with her formal coach training, she has been able to develop a keen sense of what else needs to be addressed in the M&A process that simply cannot be covered by the numbers game. Her innovative way of approaching the process from the inside out gives her clients space to explore what, beyond the financial benefits, they really want for themselves when all is said and done and how to transition from where they are now to where they want to be in the future.

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