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WLSP: How to Manage a Globally Distributed Team

September 28 @ 15:00 PM - 16:00 PM

This panel discussion will address the pros, cons, and current solutions for the future of localization work.

In today’s global world companies strive for community and continuity among their distributed workforces. Time zones pose a challenge, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

During this session, we’ll bring together leaders of customer success, human resources, and localization to dig into challenges and solutions for remote work.

We’ll discuss:

  • Pros and cons of globally distributed teams
  • The current state of remote work and its challenges
  • Solutions to effectively manage a global team and cultivate community

Join us to discuss this and more with industry experts. Bring your questions – Q&A will follow.

Meet the panelists:

Aisling Nolan | VP of Customer Success, Smartling

Aisling is Smartling’s VP of Customer Success, leading the customer-facing teams. She has been in the translation industry for 20 years, joining Smartling in 2014 as a client service manager, progressing from there into Customer Success and leadership. Before Smartling, she worked in various language services project management roles and digital marketing client services. Aisling is passionate about helping customers achieve their outcomes and longer-term success with their localization strategy.

Pia Bresnan | Senior Globalization Manager, Uber

As an accomplished Localization Leader, Pia brings a wealth of experience in managing and mentoring high-performing Global teams, on the buyer side and vendor as well as. She has worked at Uber for 5 years and previously worked at Moravia and an SLV, e2f. She excels in designing and implementing efficient workflows and business processes that optimize localization efforts. Her commitment to building cross-functional partnerships spans various levels of stakeholder teams, allowing her to identify critical business needs and proactively influence roadmaps to uncover new localization opportunities. Her strong project, program, and process management skills ensure that the Localization pipeline operates effectively and efficiently. She is a results-oriented self-starter who values collaboration and always strives to meet deadlines while producing exceptional results.

Kenny Imery Bonilla | Senior Manager of Globalization, Tinder

Kenny is the Senior Manager of Globalization at Tinder, where she uses her expertise to expand the company's global reach. Passionate about social impact, Kenny has led initiatives to provide mental health resources in underserved regions and is committed to uplifting platforms that foster human connection. Outside of her professional life, Kenny is an avid nature enthusiast, spending her free time rock climbing, camping, and exploring national parks. Her experiences in nature have shaped her approach to work, instilling a deep respect for interconnectedness and a commitment to inclusivity and sustainability. Kenny's unique blend of skills continues to drive her mission to use technology for global good.

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