Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight – Cristina Righi

Tell us who you are

I am an Italian native speaker, residing in Los Angeles, and working as an EN/ZH>IT freelance translator.

Where around the world are you based?

Los Angeles

What do you do in the localization/globalization world?

I localize video game, IT, mobile app, and website content from English and Chinese to Italian. Furthermore, I subtitle TV series, movies and documentaries for the main streaming platforms.

Why did you join this amazing tribe?

Because I wanted to meet other amazing women working in this awesome field.

What would you say is the greatest challenge facing our industry?

In my personal experience, that would be the total acknowledgment of the importance of content localization. Unfortunately, there is still a widely spread notion that localizing is not a fundamental stop in the development of a project, even though it is slowly getting better.

Where would you like to see localization in 5 years?

I guess it will be more influenced by machine translation, and probably spread in more sectors than it is right now.

Tell us something unique and fun about yourself.

When I was in college, as part of an exam, I had to create a short video showing what we had learned in Cantonese during the semester. Usually, the type of video provided was a very standardized series of dialogues, but some classmates and I decided to opt for a K-pop music video, for which we produced our own lyrics and dance moves.

Where can we find you?