Mentor Matchmaking Program

Purpose: to pair established professionals in the broad localization field with those seeking guidance with regards to their careers in the localization industry.

Aim: to empower women at every stage of their careers, by building long-lasting connections, and through knowledge exchange among participants.

Goal: for the mentors to share their insights, experiences, and the best practices they have learned throughout their careers in the industry with their mentee(s), in order to provide the most pertinent guidance.


All participants (Mentors and Mentees) will be required to fill out an initial brief survey to assess their specific needs and requirements. Mentors and Mentees will then be matched based on:

  • the compatibility of their respective profiles
  • motivations for joining the program
  • schedule availability
  • preference to meet either face-to-face or via web/phone

The links to the surveys can be found below:

Mentor seeking Mentee: Click here

Mentee seeking Mentor: Click here



Mentors will ideally have a minimum of 3 years of experience in the localization industry, and have attended/been involved with past W.L. events.

Mentors will provide guidance and advice to Mentees seeking further knowledge about their localization careers.


  • Anyone seeking guidance are welcome to register. Mentees may therefore be either students or professionals aiming to enter the localization industry or new to localization, or established professionals seeking to expand/change their careers within the industry.
  • Mentees are expected to be respectful of their Mentor’s time and network.
  • Due to limited resources in terms of Mentor availability, matchmaking is neither immediate nor guaranteed.

Participation in the program is voluntary and can be terminated at any time.

The Mentor Matchmaking committee will periodically reach out to participants to check-in on each pair.