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Japan chapter: Machine translation and the Characteristics of Japanese Localization | June 23


日時: 2017年6月23日(金)19:00-21:30
会場: ネットアップ株式会社(京橋駅または東京駅より徒歩)
19:00-19:10 チャプターマネージャーより挨拶
19:10-19:15 Woman in Localization China発足イベントのフィードバック(コスタンザさん)
19:15-20:00 NMTアドバンスト講座 by NICT 隅田英一郎先生
20:00-20:15 Break Time
20:15-21:00 「なぜ私たちはこんなに忙しく大変なのか?- Why Japanese people?
パネルディスカッション by WLチャプターマネージャー+田中千鶴香さん
21:00-21:30 ネットワーキング

Japan chapter is happy to host the second event in 2017 with the topic of our highest interest, machine translation with guest speaker, Mr. Sumida, NICT. The second topic is on another high interest, the characteristics of Japanese localization by panel.
We look forward to seeing many people in the room.

Date/Time: Friday June 23, 2017 7pm-9:30pm
Venue: NetApp meeting room ()
19:00-19:10 Greetings from Chapter Manager
19:10-19:15 Feedback from the first event of Women in Localization China
19:15-20:00 Neural Machine Translation Advanced by Mr. Sumida, NICT
20:00-20:15 Break Time
20:15-21:00 What makes us so busy and tired – why Japanese? (Panel discussion on the characteristics/differences of Japanese localization). By WL Chapter manages and Chizuka Tanaka
21:00-21:30 Networking

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