Member Spotlight

Agustina Pioli

Tell us who you are? Agustina Pioli

Where are you based? Córdoba, Argentina #WLAR

What do you do in localization/globalization world? I’m one of the Directors of Strategic Accounts at Latamways, a Latin American localization and communications company. I am a Marketing Program Director for W.L. focusing on Community (Global Social Media and Communication). In addition, I’m the President of Translated in Argentina, a non-profit association promoting the local language industry, train resources, and build awareness to strengthen our activity within the Argentinian business environment.

Why did you join this amazing tribe? I joined in September 2016 as part of the core team that launched the Argentina Chapter because there was a clear need to highlight the role of women in our still immature local industry while promoting localization among local companies.

Down to business

What would you say is the greatest challenge facing our industry? Particularly in Argentina, end customers still need to understand the benefits of professional localization services; our industry here is not as mature as we would like, therefore, localization is not seen as an investment and a way of reaching an international market but more of an optional management decision.

Where would you like to see localization in 5 years? New content is being created at a faster pace than ever before and localization needs to be able to process all that content accordingly. We have been using technology to satisfy this demand but this is only the beginning, our industry will become highly dependent on technology and we will have to adapt or even reinvent ourselves to be able to keep up.

Let’s get personal
Tell us something unique and fun about yourself
I’m also a professional baker! I love cooking for my loved ones and baking their birthday cakes with the help of my 9-year-old daughter.
Where can we find you? LinkedIn: Agustina Pioli Twitter: @AgustinaPioli