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Member Spotlight – Vasso Pouli

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Tell us who you are

Vasso Pouli

Where around the world are you based?


What do you do in the localization/globalization world?

I am currently the CEO of Commit Global, a language service provider based in Greece, with offices in Cyprus and the US. I am also the Mentorship and Education Manager of the WL Greece Chapter.

Why did you join this amazing community?

Women seem to be the majority in our industry, but still not many women find themselves in leadership positions, while they could. The main reason I joined the WL community is to help women professionals in the loc industry to carve a path for themselves, wharever this might lead, without being held back by cautiousness and doubt.

What would you say is the greatest challenge facing our industry?


Where would you like to see localization in 5 years?

I’d like to see our industry’s contribution to the world acknowledged among other industries, i.e. medicine.

Tell us something unique and fun about yourself

I am actually an introvert, but many people tell me that I am very sociable. It’s a struggle I give every time the occasion requires it, but I am glad it does not show.