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Having Fun with a Purpose – Fostering Momentum with 2,200 Women

Author: Allison McDougall

A friend of mine is a professional life coach and regularly provides me unsolicited advice about my career and my life. One piece of advice that has really resonated is “to always have something in your life where you are the ‘rookie’”.

When I was appointed Chair of Women in Localization last December, it presented me the perfect opportunity to be a ‘rookie’! One quarter into this leadership role, I’m delighted to share a few of the organization’s accomplishments:

  • The launch of 6 new Executive Committees that align with Women in Localization’s mission statement. These Committees include Mentorship and Membership; Marketing; Global Chapter Expansion; Partnerships and Transitions; Education; and Non-Profit Pursuit
  • The appointment of Executive Directors to lead each of these Committees
  • The appointment of a new Talent Director, and the introduction of a process to manage recruitment and placement for global volunteers
  • Our leadership with Common Sense Advisory to promote the “Gender Equality Survey”, whose results are forthcoming in Q2
  • The ongoing success of our local Chapter events, of which I’ve had the privilege to attend a few
  • Our strong commitment to industry partners, such as GALA, Common Sense Advisory, and others. Women in Localization will facilitate a workshop regarding “Mentoring” at the upcoming GALA Annual Conference.

As our first quarter wraps up, I remain in awe of the talent, the global reach, the commitment, and the diverse roles that each of you balance on any given day. As we transition into Q2, our strategic focus will be on our membership and marketing technology to allow for more streamlined communications, as well as our continued evaluation of becoming a non-profit legal entity later this year.

Thank you for being so amazing!