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Margarita Núñez is our Chapter Manager in Dublin, Ireland. With a background in translation, art history, European Studies and digital marketing, she represents very well the multifaceted and versatile talent that I see in the Women in Localization group. While some women started a career in localization from a linguistics or translation background, many have studied very different disciplines. Some end up in localization because foreign languages are valuable assets and allow women who live abroad to reinvent themselves through their native language. I have experienced first hand how the variety of background contributes to creativity and firmly believe this is the reason why localization is doing so well as an industry. Margarita just organized a very successful event with Women in Localization in Dublin. The topic was how to use localization to drive international expansion and was hosted by Hubspot.

1. What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Margarita Núñez and I work for SimulTrans as Director, Account Management in charge of our sales & marketing efforts.

2. Where do you live?

I live in Dublin (Ireland).

3. How many countries have you lived in?

I have only lived in Spain, where I am originally from, and in Ireland.

4. What is your global footprint? This is our way of measuring how global our group of women is. so, you can tell us in how many countries you have lived, you have visited or you have travel to.

A big part of my job is to travel and visit clients, and attend conferences and trade shows. So I have visited pretty much all main cities in Europe a few times over, as well as Finland, Sweden and the USA and Canada.

5. What did you study?

I started studying translation here in Dublin, and no sooner that I got my certification and started working as a translator, I changed my mind. I started studying History of Art (which is my passion) and got my degree at UCD here in Dublin. A few years later, I took a sabbatical and completed a Masters in European studies. Last year I got into digital marketing and again started studying. I have now completed a Diploma in Digital Strategy and Planning.

6. What do you like about your job?

I never stop learning: modern technologies, new tools, new processes!

I meet a lot of people from different industries and they always are very interesting and articulated.

7. What surprises you in the world of localization?

How well the industry and its people adapt and change in response to disrupting forces. From moving from a waterfall to an agile localization methodology in response to client’s new working models; to using machine translation as part of the translation process to increase throughputs; to offering new services like transcreation to allow companies to be global and local at the same time. I think that it is impressive!

8. How did you get involved in WL?

I was invited to a talk by the previous chapter manager Grainne Maycock in 2016 and then last year I was invited to join as chapter assistant, which I gladly did.

9. What is your role in WL?

I am the chapter manager here in Ireland where I lead the WL group along with four other wonderful volunteers: Chiara Pacella, Anna Woodward, Grainne Maycock and Katrin Drescher.

10. In which direction would you like WL to develop in the future?

I personally would like it to become a centre for educating and training women in all aspects of localization (sales, marketing, engineering, project management) offering not only talks but also workshops, training sessions, mentoring partners, couching, etc. an even work placements in other companies for women to get a chance to work in a new role for a short period of time.

11. Are you planning a WL event?

We just finished our event on May 17 th , so we are meeting next month to plan the next one.