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Member Spotlight – Mimi Moore

Tell us who you are?

Mimi Moore – W.L. Program Director, Marketing Content

Where around the world are you based?

Monterey, California

What do you do in the localization/globalization world?

I am a Content Marketing Manager at SDL. I have 20+ years of experience in localization, mostly project management, account management and sales. This experience helps me to write blogs, brochures, eBooks, data sheets, social posts, landing pages, case studies – whatever is needed – for SDL’s Language Services and Language Tech teams. I guess you could say I know my subject well.

Why did you join this amazing tribe?

Liesl Leary-Perez asked me to join to write blogs and assist Erica Haims with the Marketing team. Her suggestion and joining this team was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Without the experience that I gained over the past 3 years as WL’s Content Manager and Editorial Director, I would not have my current role as a writer with SDL. Thank you, Liesl!

What would you say is the greatest challenge facing our industry?

I would like to see a greater work-life balance, especially for those working on the vendor side. I understand that it’s hard to staff for an always expanding and contracting workload, but I’ve seen too many colleagues overworked and burned out. I’d like to see this improve so some roles – like project managers – are more sustainable in the long-term. Finding a balance would bring many benefits for both employers and employees, for example, less turnover.

Where would you like to see localization in 5 years?

I think localization will be more automated, projects will be faster, roles will be more specialized and augmented by tools, AI and technology. As volumes increase, the right tools and solutions will make all the difference to both vendors and clients.

Tell us something unique and fun about yourself

In college, I had to do an internship as a part of my political science degree. I didn’t want to “settle” for working for a local state legislator, so I sent out a bunch of letters and was able to land an internship with INTERPOL in Washington, DC. While there, I was lucky to get a personal guided tour of Quantico where the FBI training academy is. I also got to do a “ride along” with an Alexandria, VA police officer during his shift, so I got to see what a typical “day in the life” of a police officer is. I quickly realized that law enforcement wasn’t the career for me (too scary)!

Where can we find you?