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Member Spotlight – Rivka Kroes

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Tell us who you are

Rivka Kroes, a Dutch Localization Professional and the Membership Manager for the W.L. Netherlands chapter.

Where around the world are you based?

In the Utrecht area of the Netherlands.

What do you do in localization/globalization world?

I work in production, initially as a Project Manager and now in Quality Control.

Why did you join this amazing community?

To connect to other women in the field, to learn from other women’s experience.

What would you say is the greatest challenge facing our industry?

The transfer to Machine Translation. At the moment, there seems to be a disconnect between some clients’ expectations of MT (e.g., that it’s very good, so translations should be delivered faster and cheaper), translators’ expectations of MT (e.g., that MT output is always bad and causes a lot of extra work) and the reality. Aligning all stakeholder expectations can be challenging.

Where would you like to see localization in 5 years?

I’d like to see Localization incorporating technology more and more, and I would like to see Localization as a key aspect of international content creation.

Tell us something unique and fun about yourself

I find learning about new cultures fascinating and, apart from meeting people from different cultures, like to explore this through cooking and reading novels.