Volunteer Spotlight – December 2022

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Mugdha Potdar

Mugdha is the Social Media Manager of the India Chapter. She joined us in early 2022 and soon took over the role full-time. Within a short span of time, Mugdha has made a strong impact on the Chapter. Her creative and well-written posts have helped us add many more followers on our LinkedIn page and a lot of engagement for the event announcements. The India Chapter organized a multi-city event in September 2022, and Mugdha single-handedly organized and executed the event for Pune city. Her energy is infectious and her contributions are commendable.

Vanessa Prolow

Vanessa is one of the many unsung heroes in the organization. The Nonprofit team does not work on flashy projects and our contribution is rarely visible to the outside world. However, we touch almost every aspect of the work of W.L., ensuring that all we do as an organization is legally compliant with CA nonprofit law and IRS rules. This often requires hours and hours of research, identifying and mitigating risks to the organization, creating templates for legal documents, negotiating with contractors and other teams, having difficult conversations, or stepping into the often-unwelcome role of a compliance manager, reminding people “no, we can’t do that, we have to do this.” The nonprofit team would not be able to perform any of these roles without Vanessa’s tireless contribution to the team. As a Program Director for Nonprofit and the Assistant Secretary of the organization, she’s instrumental in ensuring that the organization works the way it is supposed to. Thank you, Vanessa, for not giving up no matter what difficulties and new challenges we’re facing!

Ludmila Golovine

Mila is part of the Global Community Events and Content team. Her dedication towards the vision and mission of WL is commendable. She is always thinking about how the GC can empower women and how she can contribute towards the growth and development of languages.