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Volunteer Spotlight – February 2022

Catherine House

Catherine is a creative problem solver, full of great ideas, and steps up to support the team. She has built a strong relationship with our sponsors through consideration and empathy. Internally, she has collaborated with Irene to design efficient processes to improve cross-program collaborations with the Marketing Program. She is also excellent at managing projects. Catherine goes above and beyond to help others, for which we are truly grateful. Thank you, Catherine!


Magdalena Enea

Magdalena has been a volunteer for W.L. since 2016. She served first as an Assistant Chapter Manager in charge of membership growth for the Silicon Valley Chapter. Magdalena put together a program which ultimately drove the membership from 50 to 600+ members in 3 years time. She later went on to become a volunteer with the Global Community, where she’s still enthusiastically driving membership programs to increase the overall membership numbers worldwide and keep members engaged globally.


Svetlana Uleva

As a Program Director for the past 2 years, Svetlana was instrumental in leading the W.L. Global Partnerships & Events Program. Aligning closely with the program’s board sponsor, her leadership has created the framework for a scalable and mature program. Svetlana represents hard work, integrity, and works tirelessly to ensure its success. I am so proud to nominate her. She deserves the accolades 100%!


Megan Hilleard

Megan is extremely dedicated to the UK chapter. She is always efficient in the organization of our events and maintains a great balance in our team. She has trained a new event manager and always comes up with handy tips to make our events special.