Volunteer Spotlight – January 2022

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María Jesús de Arriba Díaz

Maria started out as a volunteer in 2018 as Geo Manager for the EMEA region and then moved on to be the Program Director for the Chapters and Growth Program. She currently leads a program of 100+ volunteers that lead the 28 chapters around the globe. Because of her dedication to W.L., chapters’ leadership teams feel empowered and supported to foster the mission of W.L. within their local communities. She has been a true leader and inspiration to all those that work with and for her in our W.L. organization and communities globally. Thank you for your hard work, Maria!

Elizabeth Butters

Elizabeth has been instrumental in helping to steer the global sponsorship program throughout 2021 and we are looking forward to her leadership as a Program Director in 2022. Elizabeth is one of the most passionate and hardworking members of our organization and relentlessly contributes to our team’s and the organization’s success.

Vanessa Prolow

Vanessa is a volunteer in the Non-Profit Program but is also an Officer to the Board of Directors of W.L. Super knowledgeable, dedicated and responsible. She was key during the challenging times when we had to decide to close down the Russia Chapter since she lived in Russia, speaks the language, and also understands the legal implications of the Org. She is a key player in W.L. and deserves to be recognized.

Agustina Pioli

Agustina was the Program Director for the Marketing Program for a few years and made sure everyone in the program had what they needed and that they were happy in their roles. Even though she is leaving in 2022, she is still committed to helping the new leaders succeed and won’t leave until she is no longer needed.