Volunteer Spotlight – Q1 2023

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Meghan Nicholson

I’m excited to nominate Meg for her amazing work as the Onboarding and Off-boarding Volunteer within the Operations and Metrics Program. Meg has been a rockstar, putting in long hours and coming up with great ideas to make the onboarding process easier for new volunteers while staying true to the organization’s values. Meg has worked super hard, often solo, to ensure the revamp of the onboarding process runs smoothly. She’s making it much easier for new volunteers to get up to speed, and she does it all with a smile on her face. Meg is always attending our team meetings with a great attitude, which has really inspired her colleagues and volunteers. She’s always ready to take on new challenges and approaches everything with enthusiasm and positivity.

Tatyana Vingert

Tatyana has been part of the WL Marketing organization for a few years and she is the Publishing Manager. She has done a great job publishing content on our website and supported the editorial team. I would like to recognize Tatyana for her can-do attitude. Recently, when the marketing team took over the media team, we recognized a need for editing resources. When talking to Tatyana, she embraced the idea of taking over editing work for videos and had quickly trained herself and with help of WL persons who have video experience. What really impressed me was that Tatyana was open to learning something new that she has not done before and she took the initiative and ran with it. I applaud Tatyana for that and love her attitude of wanting to learn and support Women in Localization.

Margarita Nuñez

Margarita took the lead on launching MentorEase, our platform to match mentors with mentees. When we lost our Mentorship Manager, Margarita volunteered to finish the launch, which meant meeting with MentorEase on a regular basis, making sure all forms were filled out and signed properly, beta testing, finalizing artwork and user flow among many other tasks. She took on the role with excitement, joy and perseverance. Without her, this would not have been possible in 2023. I would also like to mention Joanna Tarasiewicz, who came back to Global Community. She and Margarita worked diligently as a team to see the launch happen.