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Don’t Google That: CSA Research Finds that Women Excel in Localization Positions

It was the memo heard around the world, the one that led Google’s CEO to cut short his vacation to deal with a firestorm of criticism, and the one that reignited the perennial and fiery debate about sexism, women’s role in the tech industry, and political correctness. Lost in the discussion (and most media coverage) is a focus on the facts about men and women. Common Sense Advisory’s (CSA Research) recent survey on gender and family in the language services industry provides an evidence-based perspective from which to consider these issues. It suggests, if anything, that women often outperform men in technical aspects of localization. In fact, roughly two-thirds of language professionals are women. They also comprise 52% of individuals with “localization” in their job title, the most engineering-centric portion of the language industry. If women really aren’t cut out for this sort of work, it would be apparent by now.

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