Touch the Rainbow!

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It is the end of another week. Here I am sitting at my desk, looking back at my past. With numerous ups and downs in the personal and professional journey, I have arrived at a point where I can clearly see the vivid colors which filled my life.

People might look at the traces of my path and say that it is the most unstable one they have ever seen. On the contrary, I believe that uncovering various paths enriches the experience with a wider perspective. From being a science student to an apparel designer, and then turning to an entirely different path as a writer and localization professional. Whoa!! It feels like walking in the rainbow!!

My journey started with the gradients of red by going through the difficulties of growing up in a judgmental society, sheathed in the comfort of layers upon layers of inclined doctrines, orthodoxy, fanaticism, discrimination, biases, prejudices. The transition from orange to yellow of determination and growth was dynamic and full of turmoil. It is not quite easy to shake off the adornment of prescripts, and walk away from the anticipated behavior of you walking on the pitched road of societal norms, set rules, and following the age-old beliefs.

Choosing the less traveled path simply meant that I will be treated as an outcast in the society because of peeling off each-and-every layer of my protective mold of staunch conventions. It has been a bumpy ride, without any guiding light brightening up the path. But, once I kept walking on this road, it slowly started to bring the green gradient of sense of balance and then filled in the refreshing feeling of calmness, responsibility, and strength.

As the shades of inspiration and creativity started filling me in, I have started to aspire to touch the hues of Violet – the color of dreams, high ideals, and fulfillment. I believe that the world is full of millions of possibilities, and wonder why should we choose and walk on only a single path, when we can get the numerous choices to explore and enjoy the adventures of uncovering and paving new roads.

When you are at crossroads of life, and you don’t know where you are going, you should not worry about which path to choose. Keep on moving, open up yourself to a new surreal world of possible impossibles, and believe in them. One day you will be able to see that it was right to take a stance and see the world in a different light.

Life is worth taking the risk and worth exploring. It is not about being a perfect person, but to be enriched with resilience, empathy, and worldliness. It is not about being afraid of how people would react to your uncustomary actions, but about going on as your heart desires while following your moral compass. There is nothing wrong in fighting against the prejudices that you don’t quite understand. Remember that you will be tested over and over again. Numerous times you will fall, get hurt, or will make mistakes. But, keep doing your thing. Believe me, it will make you strong. Cherish these failures, your mistakes. Acknowledge your fault, learn from it, and move on. Have no regrets as it will hold you back from looking ahead.

This relatively reclusive path that you will choose is going to get you where you need to be. It’s ok if it takes time, in the end, it will be worth it. With each step on this secluded high path, touch the hues of the rainbow!!