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Women in Localization Members Present @ LocWorld39

It will be nearly impossible not to catch a Women in Localization (W.L.) member speaking at LocWorld 39 in Kuala Lumpur. Out of the 25 panels and presentations taking place on February 27 and 28, six of them will include someone representing W.L.

Members of the organization, which strives to build a global community for the advancement of women and the localization industry, include the following LocWorld39 speakers and panelists:

Sarah Qiao
Celina Cao
Claire Tsai

This will be LocWorld’s first time hosting an event in Malaysia, having previously hosted in China, Japan, Thailand, and Singapore, within the Asia-Pacific region.

“Asia-Pacific (APAC) is a fascinating region comprised of many unique and diversified economic environments. Over the last decade, APAC has seen high economic growth rates exceeding those in other regions. In the next decade, it is poised to continue to enjoy the highest growth rates in the world. I am excited to exchange ideas, inspirations and solutions with everyone at LocWorld Kuala Lumpur this February!” said Tsai.

In addition to attending the sessions above, make sure to visit the W.L. booth at any time during the conference.

To join the impressive list of W.L. members or to simply learn more, visit